Dunn’s River Falls – Ocho Rios Villa
Dunn’s River Falls – Ocho Rios
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Climb 600 feet (183 m) up the beautiful Dunn’s River Falls and explore one of Jamaica’s national treasures. Traverse hand in hand with your fellow tourist along these naturally made falls, seemingly perfect for climbing.

Leave your hotel and make your way to Dunn’s River Falls and Park. Your guide takes you through the park to the basin of the falls, where it pours into the ocean, to begin your journey. Hand in hand, you walk slowly and carefully up the seemingly man-made steps of falls, helping your neighbor and being helped in return.

Take stops along the way to cool off in natural pools or get a back rub from the flowing water of the waterfall. Your guide is there to take photos along the way. At the top of the falls, you meet a paved nature trail to follow back down the hill. Enjoy the natural beauty of the park’s lush forest before boarding your bus for the return trip to your hotel.

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Entry Fee (Adults) Entry Fee (Kids 5-12) Transportation Cost
$20.00 $15.50 $100.00 for 1-4 persons, $10 for each additional person.