Greenwood Great House Villa
Greenwood Great House
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Rooms Prime-Winter (Dec. 16 - Jan. 9) Winter (Jan 10 - Apr 15) Summer (Apr 16 - Dec 15)
US$ Weekly rates include tax and free airport transfers for up to 4 persons (add $10 each for larger groups). Details and deposit requirements | Availability

Greenwood Great House is over 200 years old. Formerly owned by the family of Elizabeth Barrett-Browning, the famous English poet, Greenwood is one of the best preserved great houses on the island.

Built during an era of elegance and brutality, Greenwood has retained the atmosphere of the 19th century and continues to capture the imagination of its visitors.

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Entry Fee (Adults) Entry Fee (Kids 5-12) Transportation Cost
$20.00 $10.00 $80.00 for 1-4 persons, $10 for each additional person.